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The Landscape Management System was a cooperative project between the University of Washington, College of Forest Resources, Silviculture Laboratory, Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, The Cradle of Forestry in America, and the USDA Forest Service. Its purpose was to develop the concepts and tools needed to help forests provide the wide range of values people want -- including commodities, wildlife habitat, fire safety, employment, and carbon sequestration. These values are best provided by coordinating the dynamic changes of forests across a landscape, rather than by trying to provide each or all values continuously on a single area. The software continues to be maintained and supported through this website.

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New LMS 2.2 Version Available!!           New versions being designed!!          


The Landscape Management System (LMS) software is implemented as a Microsoft Windows application that coordinates the activities of other programs (growth models, visualization tools, etc.) that makeup the overall system. LMS is comprised of many separate programs that make growth estimates, produce tabular and graphical displays, store inventory informaiton, and connect these diverse programs into a cohesive system. The following applications are included as important parts of LMS:

EnVision - Environmental Visualization System

LMS uses EnVision for landscape level visualization

Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS)

LMS uses the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) for estimate tree growth throughout the United States

Organon Growth and Yield Project

LMS can use the Organon growth model for tree growth estimaes in the Pacific Northwest

[Python Powered]

LMS uses the Python programming language for the implementation of some analysis and tabular outputs.

Stand Visualization System

LMS uses the Stand Visualization System (SVS) for stand level visualization


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