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Landscape Management System Version 2.x - Support Page

Questions about the use of LMS and to report problems with LMS 2.x can be directed to

Known Problems with LMS 2.x:

  • Some tables will not output to Excel

Some tables may not properly output to Excel because of limitations in the SQL interface used to send the data to Excel. The problems come in one of two forms:




"There is no data in the file."

This happens when there is only one line of data being send to Excel

Open the table in the text editor or select more data for output (all stands or all years).

"Syntax error in field definition."

Excel could not figure out the format for one of the fields

Open the table in the text editor. The data can be copied to Excel using Edit/Select All; Edit/Copy; then Edit/Paste into an Excel worksheet.

Tutorials and other documentation:

LMS 2.x tutorials


LMS 2.x specific tutorials and training materials.


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