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LMS - Version 2.x

Landscape Management System - Version 2.x is still beging supported but no longer being actively developed.

  • Works with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7
  • Includes Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) Blue Mountains (BM), Central States (CS), East Cascades (EC), Lake States (LS), Northeast (NE), Northern Idaho (NI), Pacific Northwest Coast (PN), Southern (SN), South Central Oregon/Northern California (SO), and West Cascades (WC) variants.
  • Includes Organon DLL (Version 6.0: SWO, NWO, and SMC variants)
  • Includes Stand Visualization System (SVS for stand visualization
  • Includes EnVision for landscape visualization
  • Table output to Excel or text editor
  • Inventory Wizard, Economatic, Carbon tables, Wildlife Habitat, and Fire Risk
  • Limited size of portfolios


LMS 2.2


The latest release of LMS 2.x includes includes fixes to cut biomass calculations in Carbon Sequestration tables, fixed FVS crashing after landscape visualization, updated FVS variants and base install now includes FFE Tools and Inventory Wizard.
File Size: 101 MB, , approximate download time: 512K ~ 34 minutes


See the Support page for additional information.

Additional Information:



Description and classification details for structural stage classification algorithms LMS knows.

Decision Analysis Tool


The Scope&Group and Toggle spreadsheets were develop to aid in the analysis of forested landscapes using the rational iterative approach.


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